Amy de Baene: Swiss Most Trusted Erotic Expansion Expert

Amy De Baene

Swiss Most Trusted Erotic Expansion Expert

Sexy KISS program:
Kundalinize your Intimate
& Sexual life with Sensuality

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Having worked with thousands of men and women, I’m often surprised at how little even self-aware men and women know about intimacy and connection.

We all need intimate experiences because they nurture us and make us feel alive and happy. It all provides us a feeling of expansion and allows us to move into a higher level of consciousness.

By exploring our intimacy consciously we are using pleasure for the purpose of greater understanding, intimacy, empathy and love. No matter how much we achieved in life, we all need to love and to feel loved. Coming up with new and creative ways of pleasing and stimulating ourselves and each other is a great way to keep the feeling of love actively alive.

For the majority, everything we learn about relationships comes from a Hollywood romantic comedy or a teenage romance novel and what we learn about sex comes from pornography.

And so it begins.

50% of marriages turn out in divorce. According to the Global Better Relationship Survey, conducted in 27 countries, people all over the globe are hungry for deeper connection and a more fulfilling partnership with their spouse. Sexual dissatisfaction is global. We are all starving for more and real intimacy. And yet the moral codes of our civilization limit public discussion about sexuality. No wonder so many frustration, loneliness and abuse are part of our reality.

People think experiencing happiness and fulfilment in an intimate relationship is for the lucky ones, but it is actually a teachable skill. If you just understand, learn and practice the necessary skills you can experience profound connection, trust, empowerment, erotic playfulness and joy with your partner on a daily basis or attract the right partner to do so.

What if there’s a way to…

  • Experience deep soul-level connection with your partner
  • Discover immense joy, pleasure and fulfillment in your relationships
  • Have multiple mind-body-energy-merging sexual orgasms at will
  • Use your sensuality as a powerful driving force in your life.

In our SEXY KISS Program, you will learn how to apply the principles for experiencing ecstasy in your life, no matter whether you are single or in couple, in lockdown or not!

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