Kane & Alessia Minkus: International Business and Enterpreneurship Coaches

Kane & Alessia Minkus

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After delivering over 2000 business growth trainings in 32 different countries, our methods and mentorship has engaged over 3 Million Business Owners and Professionals both offline and online. Spanning the globe, their mission is to identify the consistently emerging best practices in strategy, leadership, technology, marketing, sales and all other aspects of business acceleration.

Combine that with two decades of Advanced Human Potential studies stretching from San Francisco to India, the Middle East to Europe and you are sure to have the best techniques and mentors guiding you.

Available from Kane & Alessia Minkus in the Jutzpá Academy Marketplace:

  1. How to launch a physical product

  1. How to launch an expert’s business

  1. How to become a high-paid coach

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