Marie Diamond: Transformational Teacher and International Best-Selling Author

Marie Diamond

Transformational Teacher and International Best-Selling Author

How Your Home and Office Can
Attract Success and Money?

Single session webinar
Tuesday July 7th
12:00 MEX / 21:00 EUR

Marie has since her childhood experienced and lived a Magical Life. Her life reads like a magical story where she manifested her most incredible dreams, living in all her favorite places in the world, meeting and helping millions of people worldwide. For the last 25 years she has been the Spiritual mentor and Feng Shui Master of hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, top public speakers, international best-selling authors, celebrities in the music and movie industry, politicians and top athletes.

She has become a global house hold name in the field of the Law of Attraction and Self Help, using the Energy Systems of Feng Shui, Dowsing, Law of Attraction and Meditation. Recognized as a Global Energy master, she is known for her love for people and her ability to explain very complicated spiritual and energy knowledge in a practical and down to earth way. She is a successful spiritual business woman that loves being a mom of 3 children and enjoying her journey with her husband of 30 years.

Marie Diamond Master Feng Shui and featured teacher from “The Secret” will share with you how you can attract success and money by activating certain places in your home and office using Feng Shui.

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